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25 things about me  
02:59pm 03/06/2009
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, personal facts, habits, or goals about you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. I am adopted, as is my sister. I have never met my 'birth parents' but i know that my biological mother was only 17. I could know more, but i don't want too. Mum was my Mum, and Dad is my Dad. I love them both with all my heart, so i don't need to know any more than that.

2. I moved to London in June 2007. I can't believe it has been two years already! It was a life changing experience for me, though. I have made so many amazing friends, and love it here. I love my house, i love my housemates and i love living here. I can't imagine living anywhere else for a good few years yet.

3. I studied Criminology at university with the plan of joing the Metropolitan Police when i graduated. I now work as a PA and office manager for a commercial property investment company, on an office boat in Chelsea. This was not what i planned, but i am happy.

4. When i marry, i want to move back to the countryside. I grew up surrounded by green fields in a tiny village, and i would love for my kids to have the same experience. Now that i live in the city, i really appreciate much more how beautiful and peaceful the countryside is.

5. My two closest friends are Sarah and Sally, and we have been best friends since we were eight, so eighteen years! I love them so much, and would do anything for them, and i know they would do the same for me. I feel truly blessed that i have two such close friends. I believe friends are people who you know and will drift through life with and meet more and lose some along the way. If you are lucky, you will have one close friend, someone who you can rely on no matter what. I am very lucky to have two such people.

6. I miss my Mum every day. She was a truly extraordinary lady, and i am so glad i had 24 years with her. I have never known anyone so strong and so dignified, and i am so proud to be her daughter. She always held her head high and saw the bright side of life, no matter what it threw at her. I am very lucky to have had a mother who loved me so much and i miss her so much it makes my heart ache.

7. I am an extremely lazy person. If i could have it my way, i would lie in every morning, and do nothing all day. I have a lot of self discipline now, and when other people are lazy like this, i find myself nagging them as i see so many of my own traits in them!

8. I believe that nothing comes for free. This comes from my Dad who worked hard to get where he did in life, and sent me to a private school and always gave me the best things in life if he could afford them. I had my 1st job at 12 when i used to get up at 6am every weekday to deliver newspapers. I did this for three years, then got a Saturday waitressing job. I have worked in shops, pubs, restaurants, factories, garden centres, so many different jobs. I am glad Dad instilled this work ethic in me, as i appreciate material things so much more. When you work hard to earn the money to buy something, you look after it a lot more.

9. I have never been travelling, but would still love to go. I was planning on going after uni, but Mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer with only 6 months to live, so i didn't want to go away. She lived for two years, which i am extremely grateful for. A year after she died, i moved to London instead of travelling, as i felt i was too old to do it and all my friends had already been. I would still love to take a 6 month break at some point and travel around South East Asia.

10. My motto in life is 'no regrets' My Mum also lived life like this, and i get that from her. I don't see any point in regretting your actions. You can't change the past, so why dwell on it? The things you do shape you into the person you are and they are all important learning curves. I plan to get a tattoo on my wrist in script saying 'nessun rimpianti' which meant 'no regrets' in Italian. Mum was half Italian, so this would be one to remember her by too.

11. I am really a very shy person, but people wouldn't know it. I went to the same all girls school for 12 years, so moving to uni, then to London and having to make new friends was extremely hard for me. It would be so easy for me to not go out and meet people, but it would be a lonely existence, so i went out and met people. I am glad i force myself to do this, as i have made some amazing friends.

12. I was a late starter and lost my virginity at 20. Let's just say, it wasn't exactly a night to remember!

13. I am extremely unfit. I'm not fat by any means, i am a size 12 and pretty tall, but i do need to get fit. Since my new house is about a 5 minute walk from Hampstead Heath, and i have my bike with me, i plan to get fit this summer. I am going to try jogging and cycling a few times a week, and build up my fitness and lose a bit of weight.

14. I have no idea how my hair hasn't fallen out yet. I have had highlights, had it bleach blonde, dyed it dark, then had it black (BIG mistake!) then bleached it twice to get the black out, had it red then bleached it twice again and it is now a dark blonde/light brown. Considering i have been dying it for 13 years, it's in pretty good condition!

15. I have a bit of an evil streak, and can be a bitch when i want to be. I am extremely loyal, but if you fuck me or my friends over, i will make your life hell.

16. I have a bizzare fear of empty swimming pools and i have no idea why. Looking at pictures of them gives me the creeps, and i can't go anywhere near one without panicking. It's a really odd fear!

17. I will always just be myself, and if people don't like it they can fuck off. I refuse to conform to whatever people think i 'should' be. I am who i am, why should i change to suit people?

18. One of my pet hates is people who aren't themselves, who try and change themselves to be 'cool' or 'in'. It makes me want to punch them. Just be yourself, and if people don't like that, then they aren't worth your time anyway. Generally, people are a lot nicer when they are being themselves rather than putting on a show for someone.

19. I really want to give up smoking, but it's so hard! I have up in June 2007 when the smoking ban came in for 8 months. I wish i had never started again. I genuinely thought i could just have one cigarette and that would be it. I hate people who judge me for my smoking and tell me to just quit. If it was that easy, i would have 'just quit' years ago.

20. I wish i was more artistic. My Mum could and my sister can draw and paint amazingly well, but i have never had that talent. I am much more 'scientific' like my Dad.

21. My Dad and i share the same birthday, November 18th. We are so similar it's scary! He says he sees so much of himself in me when he was my age, and i find myself saying or doing things that he does as i get older. This isn't a bad thing though, my Dad is the best.

22. I hate the taste of instant coffee and will only drink it if i'm really desperate. I love fresh coffee, and it is my weekend treat to make a cafetiere in the morning. I have bought a grinder and a perculator for my new house, and can't wait to sit out in the garden on a Sunday morning with the papers and a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

23. I am a wine and cheese snob. I get this from my Dad too. He loves fine wines, and i have grown up drinking good wines in restaurants. I could never go out with a man that doesn't appreciate good wine, or who took me out for dinner and ordered a pint of beer.

24. If i could see any bands/singers live that are no longer together or are dead, they would be Nirvana, Johnny Cash and Elvis. I love Johnny Cash so much, and listen to him pretty much every morning on my i-pod. I also believed, when i was about 6, that i was going to marry Elvis. No one told me he was dead.

25. I want to get married in the church in the village i grew up in, and where Mum is buried. My future husband doesn't get a choice in this particular aspect of the wedding! I also don't want a huge wedding. I want 60 people maximum and i want more than anything for it to be a celebration with my close friends and family. I don't see the point in spending a fortune on a huge wedding, i would rather save the money for my kids futures, or for a house or holidays.

So there you go. There is 25 facts about me! Probably pretty boring, but hey, what the hell.
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