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New house!  
12:40pm 03/06/2009
Well, i have had my LJ account now for i think maybe a year and have never posted. So i thought now would be as good a time as any!

On Saturday, i moved out of my flat in Kentish Town and into the most gorgeous house just up the road in Dartmouth Park. The house has a private parking space so i have my car with me now, and don't have to pay for a permit. It also has a garden with french windows leading into the huge lounge/dining area. The kitched has all new cupboards and appliances - i even bought a coffee grinder and perculator in celebration! Upstairs, the master bedroom (which is Steve's) has an en suite bathroom and a balcony with double doors leading out to it. There are two other bedrooms that are mine and Kat's which are smaller, but so cute with skylights. The bathroom is gorgeous too, with a new bath and proper tiled floor and wall length mirrors across one wall. And it's all brand new and lovely and i finally feel like i have a proper home rather than just a flat. And the area is perfect. We have Hampstead Heath a 5 minute walk away and a butchers, deli and wine shop and The Dartmouth Arms pub right next door. Also, with it being on a private, gated Mews, we get no traffic and it's also surrounded by quiet roads. I really couldn't be happier!

Anyway, that is just my happiness bubbling out and onto LJ. Hope you don't mind! I will post pictures at some point, when the remaining bags and boxes are moved out of the lounge. I need to unpack my shoes! I will also try and be good and update this more often. x
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